Problems configuring Membership - Not working as expected


I'm having many problems configuring Membership for my new site. What I want to get is no so complex (in my opinion). I will try you to explain what I'm trying to get and what are my problems.

Expected Configuration / Behaviour:

Visitors will get the following menu when entering the site without login:


Item1 is the default page and Item4 is the page for login in. Item2 is the page that contains the protected content but this protected content is not just below such page but under several sub-pages that will be deployed depending on the subscription/level.

After login in the menu will be something like this:

Item 2.1

The only difference is that a new page under Item 2 should appear where the protected content is showed.

The configuration I have been doing so far:

- For my project users doesn't register nor subscribe by themselves. Instead of this I will create all the users (around 100) and subscriptions needed (six different subscriptions). So no gateways are used at all, Paypal, etc. (at least at this poing of the project, probably in the future they will have this option).

- I have created 4 test users in my wordpress site

- I have created six access levels plus the visitors level. I have included positive rules for Menu items to be displayed and Pages to be accessed based on the above description.

- I have created 2 (Indefinite) Subscription plans for testing (It will be 6 subscription plans)

- I have added 2 test users to subscritpion plan 1 - level 1 and the other 2 to subscrition plan 2 - level 2

I think that's all in general terms. The behaviour is absolutely unpredictable so it will be very long to explain. I would prefer you to check my general configuration for checking if I'm doing something really wrong. I can send you screenshots if you want to see the different behaviours I'm getting.

Just one thing. Despite I specify Indefinite subscription this is not taking into account and in All Members screen a Level expiration date is showed for all the test users.

Please Help Me ! I am absolutely stuck and frustrated after long hours testing, configuring, watching the video tutorials, etc.

Thanks and Best Regards,


  • aristath

    I've been trying to replicate this without success..
    I'm afraid I'll have to take a closer look at your installation to figure out what's going on.

    Can you send me your superadmin credentials please?
    - Send an email using our secure contact form on
    - Select "I have a different question" from the dropdown
    - On the subject enter "Attn: aristath".
    - Include the URL of this post in your message so that I may track this issue
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  • Fernando

    Hi Aristah,

    I have been moving forward since my last update.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected yet.

    Let me summarize my configuration:

    - Four members/users created:
    - prueba1 (password prueba1)
    - prueba2 (password prueba2)
    - prueba3 (password prueba3)
    - prueba4 (password prueba4)

    - Six Access Levels created:

    - manopla1 which should grant the following accesses:

    - Show the following menu items:

    - Kits Manoplas letonas
    - Tutoriales Manoplas Letonas
    - Manopla1
    - Contacto
    - Foro de ayuda

    - Grant access to the following pages:

    - manopla2 to manopla6 access level is the same than manopla1 access level except:
    - Gran access to - ManoplaX (X=2 to 6) menu item under Tutoriales Manoplas Letonas
    - Grant access to page, where X = 2 to 6

    Now, under this configuration, it works ok when an user has just one access level. But when trying to add more than one level it doesn't work.

    For example:

    - prueba1 user has just configured manopla1 access level and it works fine. It shows the expected menu items and gran access to the expected pages.

    But, on the other side:

    - prueba2 user has configured manopla2 and manopla3 but no menu item for accessing Manopla2 nor Manopla3 is showed. In fact no menu item is showed at all under Tutoriales Manoplas Letonas.

    My understanding was that it was legal to add more than one Access Level to a particular user.

    You can access to the site at and you will find the login box under Tutoriales Manoplas Letonas menu item.

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards,


  • aristath

    Hello again @Fernando, I'm sorry for the long wait, I just had the day off yesterday and could not reply.

    I just logged in your site and saw you are using positive rules.
    What positive rules do is that they allow access to the particular pages you add, disallowing access to all the other pages!

    My advise would be to use negative rules instead.
    Using more that one access levels is doable, but not advisable! Instead it advised to create a 3rd level that combines the permissions that you want from the other 2 access levels.

    I hope that helps!


  • Fernando

    Hi Aristha,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have moved my positive rules to negative rules and I get exactly the same behaviour.

    It works OK when a member has just one level, but it doesn't work when a member has more than one level attached to it (it doesn't show any sub-menu item nor can access to any of the pages)

    Creating different levels for all the possible combinations would mean in my case (with 6 access levels) a total number of 63 levels (the current six levels plus additional 57 levels to cover all the possible combinations - if I'm able to remember well my high school maths). This is not practical at all !!!

    I would like you to be a bit more specific when you say that assigning multiple levels to a member is doable but not advisable. I can remember I saw it in the documentation and if I remember well I saw it even in one of the videos.

    Are there any way with this plugin to implement what I want (apart from creating all the possible combinations) ?

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards,


  • aristath

    I've been doing a little research this is what I have found:
    - First of all, you were right to set it up with positive rules.
    If you want to use multiple access levels simultaneously, they should be built using positive rules. The negative rules I suggested would apply if you were to do the combinations as I assumed you would do in the previous post.
    - Using multiple access levels is not advised for structure reasons. Instead, you should use multiple subscription levels.
    Each subscription can have a single access level active, but there can be more that one active subscriptions.

    I hope that makes sense...


  • Fernando

    Hi again Aristah,

    I have changed back all my levels from negative to positive rules.

    I have added subscriptions to the test members, instead of just access levels. All the subscriptions has just one level.

    But ... when testing this new configuration, the behaviour is exactly the same. It works ok when having just one subscription attached to the test user, but it doesn't work when having more than one subscrition (it does not give access to any protected page).

    Can you have a look?

    The admin credentials remains the same than last time you accessed to my site.

    Best regards from a very frustrated user.


  • aristath

    My previous posts were based on my research in these forums and solutions that worked for other clients in the past.
    I just spent the past half hour talking to the plugin developer about this. issue.
    It appears that this used to be possible in the past, but was causing way too many problems and the access levels permissions had to be reworked.
    I am quoting my conversation with the plugin developer:

    positive rule means that an user has access to all that is selected and doesn't have to anything else.
    it means if A level has positive rule to access a page and B level hasn't positive rule to access the same page, then there is a conflict

    if both levels have positive rules to access certain page, then there is no conflict and this page will be accessible by this user

    so... assume level A can access pages 1,2,3. Level B can access pages 4,5,6. If they are both applied to a user, he will not be able to access any of these pages. The only way to make this work would be to create a 3rd level (C) that has access to pages 1,2,3,4,5,6 and apply that level to the user, removing level A.

    My sincere apologies on this one, but it looks like it is not possible to have multiple levels assigned to the same user... I was mistaken.


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