Problems creating a map with Google Maps and with my mobile site view

I am trying to use the Google Maps Pro plugin and when I push the Add Map button I get a popover and the map shows up. I put my location in and hit the add marker button and nothing happens.

The only thing that works is the set center function. I was using an API Key that was used elsewhere but I replaced it with a new key and it is still the same.

I just tried something and I think I may know what is causing it. I was trying to insert it into a page that is generated by a plugin that uses advanced custom fields.

When I went to a normal page on my site it seems to work. Well, it acts like it works. everything saves and it inserts the shortcode in the post but when I go to the page it is just an empty box.

I am also having issues with my mobile site as well. My mobile site just shows code when someone goes to it on a mobile device. It was working and just quit one day.