Problems installing some themes and a widget

I am having some trouble installing the Showcase theme and the Sleek Photo theme. In both cases I get the following message: “The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Showcase” parent theme [The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Sleek Photo” parent theme..” In response to that message about “broken themes”, I uploaded fresh copies of the themes. That didn’t work, so I downloaded again from WPMUDEV and then uploaded again. I got the same result. There are no installation instructions that I can find either on your web site or in the downloaded folders. I assumed that these themes must install like all the others. What am I missing?

Also I can’t get the contact widget to be recognized at all. There are also no installation instructions with this plugin. I tried to treat it like all the other plugins but it didn’t work. This plugin is small but it has a few different bits to it -so maybe I put it in the wrong place. Can you help?