Problems Mapping Facebbok fields to Word Press fields in Ultimate Facebook

I have mapped the -email and Birthday fields in the mapping section, I have that info in the extended permissions granted but when a new user registers with the Facebook Connect it does not get populated in the users profile.

The Plugin is acting as it should by allowing the user to Register/Login and I also have it set to automatically log them in after registration and the user gets created. The First name, Last Name and Nickname are being populated but there is no E-mail or Birthday being mapped.

Here are my mapping Settings.

first_name to First Name
last_name to Last Name
description to Nothing (how do your delete a mapping?)
e-mail to Email
nickname to Name
birthday to Birthday

It is a little confusing knowing which column is which. (Left side Facebook & right side Word Press?)

I'm using Wordpress 3.91 with Genesis and Dynamik Child Theme Builder

Thanx in advance for any help getting this resolved.