Problems translating a multiple line notification string in MarketPress

Hi, I've just customized the ‘Gridmarket’ theme for a new eCommerce site of one of my customers using the ‘MarketPress’ plugin and, first of all, congratulations to the wpmudev team for developing such a great plugin, with its companion theme framework ‘Framemarket’. It has great functionality and it’s very easy to configure.

I’m just kind of in a hurry translating it into Spanish so I can move it into production environment, and I’ve found a problem translating a multiple line notification string. I attach screenshots of the string in the wpmudev translation area. I try to match the translated string to the original one (that is the ‘new line’ character) but after clicking the ‘Add translation’ button I can’t get it.

I have not tested the rest of multiple line notification strings, but I guess the same thing would happen.

As a workaround, I found a filter called ‘mp_order_notification_admin_msg’ in the MarketPress plugin. I added a filter hook function on my functions file but It does not work either. I guess accessing the ‘filter_email’ function and other properties outside the MarkePress class is not possible. I attach code bellow.

 * Translates order notification admin message into spanish (DOES NOT WORK)
function mp_es_ES_order_notification_admin($order) {

	$msg = __("Se ha creado un nuevo pedido (ORDERID) en tu tienda:

Información del pedido:

Información de envío:

Email: %s

Información de pago:

Puedes getionar este pedido desde aquí: %s", 'mp');

	$msg = $this->filter_email($order, $msg, true);
	$msg = sprintf($msg, $order->mp_shipping_info['email'], admin_url('edit.php?post_type=product&page=marketpress-orders&order_id=') . $order->ID);
	return $msg;

add_filter('mp_order_notification_admin_msg', 'mp_es_ES_order_notification_admin_msg');

I’d greatly appreciate if s/o could give me a solution.

Thanks a lot,