problems updating coursepress pro


I hope you can help me. I need this problem solved ASAP and don’t really have time to have someone post a response asking me to do something that I have already done and then not getting back to me until the two days later. I understand that the requests go into a queue and it isn’t your fault.. but maybe there needs to be a better system… okay here is my problem:

I am trying to update coursepress, but after the update there are issues..

1. unpublished units disappear.. (can live with this)

2. when you click on units in preview mode.. it says “O units in the course currently. Please check back later.”

3. and the assessment area has issues.. the number beside assessment for my courses has changed from 40 ish to 299. I know there are not 299 assignments/questions for me to mark.

This is what I have tried….

I have tried updating automatically and manually (ftp). I have turned off all the plugins. and I still have the problem. I have been trying to update this plug in since Monday morning and I am not getting anywhere… :slight_frown: I have given access to the site so you can take a look.

Also, the site has been really slow (15 to 20 seconds to load a page since last August.) It only happens withing the coursepress pages.. so I need to solve this problem too. but the first problem I need solved is the update.

I hope you can help me. We need to begin courses tomorrow and can’t do so until we get the update completed.