Problems updating Coursepress Pro

I have an on going issue which I would really like to get solved. I need to update coursepress but when I do I have several issues. I have been in contact with several technicians.. but they seem to lose interest..

I have posted the link to the last ticket I opened. It has been five days since I posted a response and have had no reply.

The problems I have…. when I update coursepress pro the assessments are not accurate.. it will show that there are hundreds of unmarked assessments where there should be zero..

the biggest issue though is that under the units tab.. it says there are zero units to display in the courses.. so that means our students can’t access the course material. WE are a high school and we need this issue solved ASAP.

I have created a staging site as per the last technician… all of these issues are showing on the staging site.. not the main site as we need our students to be able to access the course material.

I have given access to the site as per the last technicians request… she did view the site but did not see the same issues… I don’t believe she was looking at the stating site …. and asked her to confirm.. but I have waited 5 days for a response and I have none.. I would really like to get this issue solved so we can have an up to day version of coursepress pro…

any help would be appreciated. I have been working on trying to get this issue solved now for almost a month..