problems updating coursepress pro


I am trying to update coursepress pro. I am having several issues and I am on a deadline as classes begin tomorrow. I have been working on this for three days… :slight_frown:

I have manually update and automatically updated coursepress and had the the same issues.. I have given access to the site as previously asked.

After I update…

I get a message saying that “O units in the course currently. Please check back later.” in the preview mode if I click units.

unpublished units disappear

and the assessment area has issues.. the number beside assessment for my courses has changed from 40 ish to 299. I know there are not 299 assignments/questions for me to mark.

I have since restored coursepress back to the original version.. I hope I can get these issues solved. As we also have an issue with the webpage being super super slow and it appears that coursepress plugin is the only part which is running slow.. but before I can trouble shoot that I need to update it.

thanks for your help