Problems using Membership plug in with BP corporate

Hi, I installed the latest version of BP corporate ( 1.3.4 ) with Wordpress 3.0.4

I've installed the membership plug in and i encounter some problems

I created as advised in the instructions of use of Membership a registration page with the shortcode [subscirptionform]

I entitled it (adhesion)

when i open the page i can't see the membership subscription form.

It looks like this theme is not compatible with that plug in.

How can i edit the code to have the subscription form visible ?

  • drmike
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    A theme shouldn't have anything to do with a shortcode.

    Can you pull up that page for editing and see if the shortcode is still there please?

    Please make sure when you apply the shortcode and afterwards that you stay on the HTML tab of the editor if you;'re using the rich text editor. (TinyMCE or the one with the icons along the top) It's a known issue with wordpress that if you switch back and forth between the HTML and Visual tabs, the filter come into play and you may lose formatting or, in this case, the shortcodes. Are you using the rich text editor? Also make sure that you apply the shortcode while on the html tab.

  • Mason
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    Hiya onvasemarier,

    That's really weird. It's not pulling in the post title or other information either. Can you try even just typing some basic text before and after the shortcode and see if that displays?

    That will tell us if the theme is rendering anything in this area.

    I'll also ask Richie to just come by and take a look at your link and see if he notices anything odd about the theme setup.


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