Problems when members don't complete the subscription step

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I've had a member who completed the first step of the subscription (username, name, password, email, etc) but did not complete the second step (paypal).

This caused their account to deactivate.

They then contacted me saying they couldn't get into the site, and I don't have an easy solution. What instructions do I need to follow when this happens please. I am hoping it is really simple, and I am just missing something.

The site is

Thanks for your help.

  • allingtm
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    Do you mean the "Enable incomplete signup accounts" checkbox?

    Will this mean that their account will be active, and when they log in, and visit the subscribe-now page that they will then be presented with step 2 (payment) screen?


  • allingtm
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    Reading an earlier post:

    However, if you check that option, the user will be added to the subscription they've selected even if they don't respond to the activation email (and perhaps even if payment doesn't go through, but I haven't tested that - Barry would know for sure).

    This doesn't sound like a solution as it means they will get membership without having to pay for it. If this is the case, any other suggestions?

  • AquaPebble
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    I know you can either move them to a different membership level or drop their membership in the edit members screen. So after you have done the mentioned process maybe you could do that. Not sure if there is any reason that would prevent this still being an option.

    They then should then be able to go purchase the level they require.

  • allingtm
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    The result of my finding is:

    1) Keep the "Enable incomplete signup accounts" checkbox unchecked. So if a member signs up without paying then their account is deactivated.
    2) Wait for them to raise this issue with an admin
    3) Delete their account in the Super Admin -> Users
    4) Tell them to sign up again and complete both steps.

    I tried other things, but none seemed to be as clean as the one above. It isn't perfect, but from what I understand it is due to some of the mechanics of WPMU rather than the module itself. Thanks to those who tried helping :slight_smile: I'm happy now I have a working solution.

  • mass-agency
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    This seems like a very clunky way of doing things. There should be alternate logic that allows a user that has not completed step 2 (payment) but has already registered their username/email address/password to log in and pass directly through to step 2 again, and potentially serve up a discount, or teaser offer with this view to increase conversions on a user that has already bailed.

    At the very least it shoud allow them to login and pass through to step 2 (payment) again so they can complete their signup process without an admin having to be contacted... 99% of people will probably bail and never contact and admin to remedy the issue their having, they will probably go somewhere else.

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