Problems with a 3rd party plugin after most recent wordpress update

This is really stretching your great support and for that I apologize. But, I have tried repeatedly to get help from the author of the plugin and get no response - no response. Not, "I am working on it" or "bug off" response. I have offered to pay him for his time. He also does not have a forum to search for answers. And I have tried googling as well.

I have 2 issues:

1) I have a site completely configured and added one plugin at a time to make sure there were no conflicts. At the time that I had completely configured the and its addons, it worked perfectly - just the way I wanted it to. Then, wordpress updated last week and afterwards, the simple membership menu addon no longer works. And that was an important feature for the way I had set up this site.

2) The next issue relates to how the membership plugin interacts with buddypress. I have everything working well so far. My clients and I are testing right now. I did not want any member except admin to have dashboard access and so I used buddypress widgets in the sidebar. It all works very well. I sacrificed the extended profiles but have already figured out workarounds. To get the membership plugin to connect with buddypress, I took the member directory link and inserted it into the field for the buddypress member page. Great! It works. Except that my free member, who has no access to the buddypress is now on the member directory. So members who have access do not know that the free member can't respond or friend back. And the free member gets friend requests etc and doesn't know what it's all about. I set up the free member as a contributor and the paid member as an author thinking I could somehow do something with that.

And also, I tried WPMUdev membership 2 pro and ran into a recurring problem with that plugin. My client is driving the necessity to move forward etc. and we are in testing mode so I can't change. Don't want to change. Here is thread on this issue:

Sorry for the length of email, can you help? Linda iempoweru

  • Nastia

    Hello Linda , I hope you are doing well!

    I am sorry to hear that you have this issue.

    1) I am afraid, I am not familiar with the Simple Membership plugin and with the Simple Membership Menu.

    As it seems the developer has dropped the support for the 3rd party plugin.

    If you did a check for a conflict and the plugin is still not working, I am afraid there is nothing that we can do here. Because it will require custom coding, it is out of a scope that we can provide in our forums, please see Support vs Custom Development.

    Please feel free to post a new job in the Jobs & Pros section so a skillful developer could fix this plugin for you.

    2) Would you please clarify, is this question is regarding the Membership 2 plugin or the Simple Membership plugin?

    Please let me know, is this is regarding Simple Membership plugin? Unfortunately, I am not familiar how it works, because of that please contact the plugin's support team about this issue:

    Kind regards,

  • iempoweru

    I finally figured out how to access the support forum for the membership plugin mentioned above:

    But, it should not have been that hard. At any rate, up to last week they still didn't have a solution to #!.

    I just found the answer, of which I will share with that plugin too. I believe that it may work for many different applications, and it definitely worked for this one.

    With this plugin you have to set up your membership levels with different wordpress user roles. Then you can use this plugin: to hide menu items based on user role, in particular this conditional tag:

    in_array('administrator', $GLOBALS['current_user']->roles) substituting 'administrator' for the appropriate role.

    Closing in on an answer to the 2nd one too. Just didn't want to leave this thread hanging with no solution.

  • iempoweru

    Ok, I am close to solving item #2 in the original post on this thread. To recap, I want to exclude the contributor user role member from by buddypress directory. I found what I think is the solution. Could you all look at it?

    I believe it is answered in this link:

    My biggest question is this:
    Where do I put this on my site? And how?
    Followed by:
    I do not have a child theme because the theme author says that it automatically updates in the database and I don't need one. So, how will putting this code in affect it continuing to work through updates?
    Followed by:
    The user role I want to exclude is contributor. I think I can bumble my way through that one, but, since we are here... I thought I would ask. :slight_smile:

    Thank you SOSOSOSO much for your help! Linda iempoweru

  • Nastia

    Hello Linda

    I believe it is answered in this link:

    My biggest question is this:
    Where do I put this on my site? And how?

    This code should be added in the bp-custom.php file in the plugins folder. From there the code will not be lost after an update.

    The bp-custom.php does not exist by default. If you don’t have a file located at /wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php, go ahead and create a blank file with the following:

    // code will go here

    Save the file as “bp-custom.php” and upload it to/wp-content/plugins/.

    More information can be found here.

    The user role I want to exclude is contributor. I think I can bumble my way through that one, but, since we are here... I thought I would ask.

    I am not a PHP expert, but the code should work with very few changes. Change the function bpdev_get_subscriber_user_ids to bpdev_get_contributor_user_ids.

    So the line 8 will be like this:


    The line 29 will be:
    function bpdev_get_contributor_user_ids(){

    And the line 31 will be:

    $contributor = get_users( array( 'role' => 'contributor', 'fields' => 'ID' ) );

    I hope this will help!

    Kind regards,

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