Problems with Avatars Cropping function

Hey WPMU Team,

we have problems using the Avatars Plugin Crop function in our WPMU Installation. We run WP 3.3.2 and Avatars for Multisite 3.6.1.

We’ve tested with the following browsers on a Win7 Prof. x64 System:

FF 18.0.1 – Works but the crop selection doesn’t react like you would expect. If you use one of the resize squares one the left, the crop selection flips over and is mirrored on the right side of the selection.

IE 9.0.8112 – Doesn’t work at all if you try to move the selection around or use one of the resize squares the selection is being decreased to 1px and sits on the right center of the picture. In this you can’t do anything about it.

Safari 5.1.7 – If you play around with the leftside resize squares you might end up in the same situation as using the IE9, with the selector being stuck on the right, 1px height & width.

Chrome 24.0.1312 – Shows the same behavior as FF18.

The Alternative Upload works with all Browsers. We get the same results on other machines.

Do you have any idea on this?

I’d be glad to setup a WP Account for you in our Installation so you can see for yourself.

Best regards