Problems with Builder


I am facing the following issues with Builder:

* Draggable element Slider – cannot select image(s) from Media Library and proceed. Slider works only with Upload new image at it only works with the first image.When I try to upload a second one it gets stuck in uploading

* Can links within the editable area be disabled in Builder mode? It is very annoying when by mistake I click on the featured image or the title of the content and the browser tries to follow the link. This is related to the elements boundaries being difficult to select (especially important for clicking the Settings cog wheel)

* Logic of Save CSS/HTML, Save Element and Update theme – if I Save CSS/HTML but do not Save Element or/and Update theme, would the custom CSS/HTML remain? Same question for Save Element? Also, sometimes I click the Settings cog wheel icon before I've Saved and this seems to render all of my changes obsolete. Are there some rules I need to follow or I just Save after each action? If so, this is very irritating.

* Context menu background and/or styling not loading properly in various section of the Builder (see screenshot below)

* Color picker gets in conflict with sidebar scroll bar (see screenshot below)

* How can I add images to Theme Images? I do not appear to have any (see screenshot below)

* How can I add a map in the Builder, using the Settings -> Google Maps feature/plugin and the functionalities it provides?

* How can I access front-end branding images for changes/manipulation purposes – Logo/Favicon/Watermark/etc. Is the logo added manually through the Builder? Favicon from the Branding plugin? Is there a place to control them all? It seems logical to have that in Theme Settings in the Builder.

* Can you integrate Content Types/Taxonomies/Custom Fields GUI control and access in the Builder? It would be awesome if the user can create any of those in the Builder and manage them.

* Is there a way to use the Builder to edit the admin pages for non-admin users?

Thank you very much in advance!