Problems with Checkout Marketpress

Again, I am trying to update to MP30
This is one of the issues:

I started on 19 may a thread checkout Marketpress on one page To separate the checkout proces and the troubles with the payment gateway, I start this new thread.

Because wpmudev was not able to reproduce the error. I tried to narrow the possibilities. To be sure that it was not my customizing for many years.
I did the following:
1. Installed a fresh Wordpress on a parked domain name.
2. Standard theme en two plugins (wpmudev dashboard and Marketpress 3.0.07 )
Ran the shop-wizzard and everything was ok, no database update required with an empty database and no fear to lose my old permalink structure.
3. added one free product to avoid problems with payment gateways.
4. tested the checkout proces.
Besides that everything looks like... (not so nice word) the checkout process was working in three steps
5. update to Marketpress 3.0.08.
The checkout process is again in one page without the "next steps"

I have only two conclusions:
a. There is something wrong with my server configuration.
b. There is something wrong with the update

So for the people who understand the phpinfo.php (I don't) Here you can see it (click!)

This are the screenshots of

And this is

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