Problems with pages and forms Membership Plugin

Problems with pages and forms Membership Plugin

Hello, okay?

I'm having some problems since the last update of the membership plugin.

Registration forms are not functioning properly.

1 The form appears misaligned in different positions depending on the browser used. See the pictures:

2 When a user who is not logged in and tries to make a subscription, log in to the membership form, he can not see the subscription information or the subscribe button. See this image:

3 Previously, it was possible to visualize the registration page, and I administrator. Now, it takes me directly to the signature pages of my account as if I were an ordinary user, preventing me from viewing the page signatures.

The page I would see was this:

But, I see this:

How am having problems with the form, I had to disable the floating form and use the standard version of the form.

Is there any solution to these problems?


Ps. Sorry for the bad English, I am using a translator.