Problems with Pro Sites


When I change the settings in Pro Sites they don't get implemented. I try re-branding, nothing happens. I try changing the credits and nothing happens. I haven't even tested all of the things yet, so there may be more problems. Plus the Pro Sites widget is showing at the bottom of the admin left bar, rather than the top.

And I don't get how this works with the regular Membership levels. For example, if I have a Pro level that charges $30/month, how does this integrate with the Pro Sites? Pro Sites seems to offer payments by 3 month increments. Can I give the Pro Sites options on the Registration Page for the membership plugin?


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Dustin,

    Currently the integration in Membership for Pro Sites is a bit limited, you can only associate your Membership subscriptions with a single, Pro level from Pro Sites. It's done using the Supporter integration Add-on in Membership > Add-ons at which point you'll see the Supporter integration option at the bottom of the page when editing your Membership subscriptions.

    The issues with the settings not taking though is odd. Do you by any chance have any caching in place? I imagine that could affect things. If so, could you disable that for a moment to see how that works?


  • dustin
    • The Crimson Coder

    I am using Cloudflare. I have W3 Supercache disabled.
    Should I completely remove the plugin and re-install?
    Do I have to also install the old Supporter plugin? What plugins need to be installed for Pro Sites to work?


  • Mason
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    Hiya Dustin,

    Pro Sites should work just fine all by itself - no need to install Supporter at all. As for caching plugins, there's W3 Total Cache and then there's WP Super Cache, but they're separate plugins. Regardless, you really shouldn't have caching plugins running when your in the middle of site development/testing. There whole point is to cache stuff and that's not ideal when you're changing things around during development.


  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    What helps is also setting the caching plugins to server the actual page (not from cache) when you are logged into WP. I have WP Super Cache and I think it does this by default and it is very helpful so I always see the latest version of the pages. I think when I then visit a page that changed, it recreates that page in the cache so, afterwards, if someone hits that page that is not logged in, will see the update.

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