Problems with registration returning to the subscription page without allowing payment or subscripti

I have a membership site (a non-profit membership) that has a subscription for a year called “professional” with general access to items on the website and discount rates on Events.

I have other subscriptions, call it “X” that are listed as private so that they don’t show up on the main registration page, but do show up on the subscription page with a short code [professional]. The idea is that I don’t want an “X” subscription without already having a “Professional” membership.

However when someone clicks on the “X” subscription button, it takes the user right back to the subscription page without payment or enrolling.

Please advise.

  • Kipp
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    Follow up: I tried taking one “X” subscription to “public” and it entered it as an upgrade to each of the current subscriptions. (it is not an upgrade – it is in addition to the “professional”:wink:. When I tested “upgrading” it then went and “left professional” (which I don’t want it to do) and entered me in subscription “X” and without payment!!


    Professional —- [unsubscribe]

    Upgrade to “X” [Upgrade]

    “Y Subscription”


    Upgrade to ‘X” [Upgrade]

    “Z Subscription


    Upgrade to ‘X’ [Upgrade]

  • Kipp
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Support Access is On.

    I really need help with this. Ideally what I want and seemed like it should work is a main subscription “professional” that will not auto renew, but will give a renew button 60 days before expiration [this is not working – open support request on this].

    Then I need multiple additional subscriptions (not upgrades) that will charge a fee for a year and then, like the above, provide a renew button 60 days before expiration (not auto renew). These subscriptions allow access to additional content areas. [current support request]

    My client is getting very nervous about these things not working as there is a big conference coming up that we need people to be accurately registered to get discounts.

    Please Advise ASAP. Thanks.

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