Problems with Sending Messages Friends plugin and not viewing blogs

I was having this problem with friends AND community plugins. With the community plugin it was specifically a problem with getting a 404 page not found message when I tried to send a message to the owner. THEN, I found this, which was posted like a month ago:

The script it is addressing is the communities-framework.php script that is in the mu-plugins file. I have multiple Wordpress running on my site.

It was kind of vague to a newbie like me. Like which script was it specifically addressing and what problem in particular was it addressing? Did I miss this, because I could not identify it. After spending a few hours trying to figure out what my problem was, I figured I would try it on the above-mentioned script and lo-and-behold, now my community message to owner works! I'm wondering why the plugin wasn't fixed to fix this issue because the fix it post was like a month old, but I hope that this helps others. I tried to be specific so others know exactly what the problem I *was* having and what script I used this fix on to make it work.

Maybe there was a security issue and you didn't apply this fix to the plugin because you're researching it still? If so, if you posted that I would have known straight away and maybe held off on fixing the script. But in the end, it works smashingly now and I CAN send a message to the owner of a community.

Now, what my current problem is, and I've searched and searched, I think I have addressed but I can't find the darned .php file I need.

Friends plugin. I can not view my friend's blogs. There is no active link there and it only says blog with no link to directly view their blog.

My other specific problem is that when I try to send a message to my friend, it gives me a 404 message errror. Now I searched and searched these forums and I think I found the fix, BUT, it was not clear enough to me how to fix it! LOL

I can't go back and find the original message again, as I'm so tired of searching. But what it said was specifically that the inbox.php script NEEDS to be in the wp-admin folder. Well, this support forum message helped me identify that indeed I do NOT have the inbox.php script in my wp-admin folder! Here is my message I get when I land on the 404 page not found after trying to send a message to a friend:


Now, maybe there is another post somewhere on the support forums saying exactly WHERE I can get this inbox.php script to put in my wp-admin folder, but I could not find it for the life of me. And, yes, I know this is probably an error on my part with installing another script that I did not do this step. I went and redownloaded the communities, friends, messaging and other plugins I could think of. I could not find the inbox.php script.

Where can I get the inbox.php script please? I do believe this might solve my problem with the send message to friend.

I still do not know how to view blogs.

Just a suggestion: If the support post had said, "You need to make sure the inbox.php script is installed in the wp-admin folder. The inbox.php script comes with the plug in named (insert whatever the name is here)," then I would have immediately have been able to go and download that plugin and do it myself without posting another support request here for you all. I know you have a lot on your plates and I'm really trying to do as much on my own as possible. I could have maybe done this if the forum post was a little more detailed.

Thanks for your help on how to find this inbox.php script that might make my send message to friend on my friends plugin working. I'm sure it is right under my nose and I just am not seeing it. And thank you for the help on how to get the view blog working on my friends plugin.

Sorry for the long, rambling post. I wanted to make sure I covered everything.