Problems with service capacity and time problems.

So this is my site:

Problem 1 - I have created this website for a client who just opened his Escape Game company. In my design, I made ONE service provider (which is their company) and I made it so that the one service provider will provide 5 different services. More specifically, he has 5 different games (ie. Game 1-5) and only ONE group of people can play at once (hence capacity for each service/game is 1). So right now, when I tried this demo and booked a time for Game 1, it restricts me from booking that same time for all 5 Games (greyed out). How can I fix this?

Problem 2 - My client runs his games from 11am to 1am at night. How can i set it so that it can go all the way till that time instead of being restricted to 12am?

Problem 3 - My clients games are 45 minutes long, but needs 15 minutes to clean up after before starting the new game. How can I set up the 15 min "break"?