Problems with SSL Certificates on multisite with Domain Mapping and WWW

I’m running a subdomain based multisite on which I’m trying to set up some free ssl certificates with letsencrypt that my hosting provides (I’m using dreamhost) for my mapped domains.

So, this is my normal workflow:

– I register a domain on which is cheap but does not allows to change NS

– I add the domain in hosting panel as an “add-on” domain (because even if I point the A record to my static IP, if I don’t add it as an add-on it doesn’t work, this happens in various hostings and I have learned to accept it)

– I change the A record for the domain so it points to my multisite IP

– I create a letsencrypt certificate for that domain (on dreamhost)

– When everything is propagated I do the “Domain mapping” thing

<!– issue starts here–>

– Now, If I add the https:// without www it works perfectly, like here:

– If I want to do it with www it just does not work, when I add it using the domain mapping tool, even if choose https:// from the drop down it “saves” the http:// version

– If after adding it I click on the key to “toggle forced schema” it displays the https with a gray bar on top of it and it just doesn’t work. When I refresh the page it returns to http://

<!–end of the main issue –>

This thread is very similar to this one but I’m not working on subfolders and I don’t want to mess with the .htdocs file.

Thanks in advance