Problems with Upfront

Hi guys,

Our site is behind a haproxy server and it's distributed over different servers.

We are having a strange problem that only happens with Upfront. Other themes work just fine. I tried different child thems (issue, fixer, etc). Same problem.

Every link with /upfront-dependencies/* fails to load generating a 500 error.

Please note due to the nature of our setup, AllowOverride All is NOT an option.

Can you please tell me if there are any specific rewrite rules that I may need to add to our apache conf to make this work?

I've already tried adding define('UPFRONT_DEBUG_LEVELS', 'dependencies':wink:; to my wp.config.php wihtout any luck.

Can you please let me know about .htaccess rules that I may be missing? Is there anything else I should try?