Problems with www. and robots.txt

Hi WPMU Dev,

I have a strange issue with my WordPress site (not MU). I have connected the site in the search console with both www. and without www. I have also set my preferred domain to be without www.

In the search console, I have no errors under the version without www. But under the www. version, I have an error saying this: Severe health issues are found in your property. – Check property health.

When I click “Check property health, It says: Is robots.txt blocking important pages?

The robots.txt file is exactly the same for both www. version and without.

Something that is of concern though. I can access the robots.txt file from a browser with both and

Never had this problem before and am pretty stuck, I’ve also waited three days now to see if there is any change, and there is not.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Thank you in advance.