Problems/Bug with Spirit and the slider

Hello there,
I hope this finds you well.
I am having some problems with the built in slider in Upfront/Spirit. The page in question is here
I am able to add the description to the slider, however once I have entered it I can't seem to select it/edit it.
I also wanted the first line to be a title of the slide before the description and to put it in bold at least but I can't access the styling options since I can't select the text. I attempted to add html tags to customize it but they are just being printed out as text..
Also the background is all "jumpy" and there is space between the slide and the background for the description on all slides but for slide 1.. (one of them I am responsible for the extra space but cant edit it..)
Would you have any suggestion by chance?
Thanks a lot for any help you can provide,