Product and category pages not working but the store is


I have installed and activated both the Membership and MarketPress plugins. Membership is working well and I have the default MarketPress rules activated. So here’s the issue I’m running into.

Here’s my store:

I created that page manually and am able to control what’s there. Right now it’s a list of products as the Products page isn’t working. Also the category page isn’t working either. Here are links to those:


Category List:

It looks like the Category list page is attempting to use the blog post format. This isn’t as much of an issues as the Products page is as the Products page is in the main navigation on the site.

Also for the pagination of the product list it says “Older Posts” instead of something having to do with products. That’s odd.

Here’s my set up:

WordPress: 3.3

Theme: Genesis 1.7.1 + Generate Child theme

Membership (Premium): 2.1.4

MarketPress: 2.4.2

I disabled W3 Total Cache to no avail as well as manually creating the product page. My permalinks are set up correctly and have been since the beginning of the blog more than a year ago.

I’m hoping you all can help. Thanks!

– Robert Dempsey