Product Attributes separate from variations for Marketpress

I have a site that sells ballroom dance dresses. Each dress is unique with no variations. I want to enter an attribute (size, designer, color) for each dress. I want to be able to display this information on the product detail page. I would also like to be able order or search by these attributes. For example: I want my customer to be able to see all dresses in size Small or by a specific designer.
Here is a link to my original thread asking for help with this -
Here is a link to a thread where the user has a similar issue and is using custom taxonomies but needs to display it with the products.

It would be awesome if we could input the attributes on the product page and have it show up with the product information where needed.

There is already a spot to create product attributes but only for variations of products. Seems like it would not be hard add an input on the admin screen for those attributes if they could be tied to the product and not the variation. And a block on the presentation admin screen to show the attributes at a specific location on the product page just like the image info.