Product categories bug, only showing first item

Issue visible at:

I've manually translated the shop into Finnish, but I did my best to make sure not to mess up any coding.

I have no theme selected (doesn't seem to make a difference).

For some reason it seems like it clumps everything in the category into one post, as if there's a divide it's missing.

  • hollowgram
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    Thats the thing, I used poedit for the translation. I'll see once I get home if changing the language does anything, but I'd suppose it won't, I was merely trying to give details when I mentioned the translation. Nothing else has been modified except adding localized .mo and .po files.

    Any ideas what's causing this bug? Can it be my catalyst framework theme interfering?

  • aecnu
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    Greetings hollowgram :slight_smile:

    I have found as many others the theme has a great influence on the outcome of the display of Market Press Products.

    I would suggest loading the Grid Market Theme to see if the category problem exists there and if it does not have a problem in Grid Market then it is almost certain the problem is with the theme :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • Philip John
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    As we haven't heard back from you we're going to assume the problem was sorted out and mark this thread as resolved.

    If it wasn't resolved, or you have any more questions related to this thread please feel free to post them below and tick the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (or else we'll miss it!)

    Otherwise, thanks for using the forums, and, as always, for being a member of WPMU DEV, it's a pleasure to help you out and we look forward to being of assistance in the future.


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