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I am busy creating my store and have added 3 products so far. I have not finalised the payment gateways yet.

My issue is with the product listing on the product category page.

If I look at the standard products page the listing shows the image, the excerpt and a "more info" link. Perfect.

If I look at the products on their category page then I have an additional "keep reading" link before the "more info" link. Not only does this look ugly but the "keep reading" link is the same for each product, which is incorrect. I would like to remove this redundant "keep reading" link from the archives / category listing for the products.

Any idea where I can edit this?

I am using the Pilcrow theme, wordpress 3.4.2

Product page (nice):

Product listing on category page (not nice):

Your advice would be appreciated.

  • CatRussell
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    Hi Tom

    I can see nowhere to set a related product so this was not done by me.

    What I have done now is
    - remove the "suggested other products" section I had put at the bottom of the product post
    - removed the manual excerpt
    - set the product category page in the plugin settings where is says "show excerpts" to "no"

    Now all I have is the title and picture for the product category pages, which is not very useful or what I want.

    Please advise
    1. how I can show the excerpt without the "read more" link from the theme as well as the "more info" from the plugin (not sure why I am getting both)
    2. how I would set a related product as you mentioned
    3. how I could edit / change the product category page to perhaps show this in a grid instead of a list


  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    We hope you were able to resolve this. Since this thread has been inactive for some time I am going to go ahead and close the ticket. If you were unable to resolve it or have any further questions, please feel free to re-open the ticket – we are more than happy to help!

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