Product Category Title and Discription not showing

Here's a link to one of the category pages on my site for reference
I'm having some trouble with titles and descriptions not showing up on the product category pages.
Products are showing up with thumbnails and descriptions but I would like the category title and a short description or instructions (which would be different for each category) to show up. I found a place on the store settings page; messages tab, where I can add instructions that will be the same on every category/product page.
My customers don't know what page they are on unless they look at the small print in the address bar or unless they can figure it out by looking at what products are shown on that page.
How can I make at least the title show up?
I don't get where these pages can be edited individually rather than as a group.

This is unrelated but a similar problem (solving this could be a different way of solving the title problem) and is more general word press. When I had a simple HTML site rather than word press the text in the header was different on each page. I have not figured out how to make this happen in wordpress. The text in the header is always the same on every page. I had to settle for titles in the body to let visitors know what page they are on. Anyone know a way to have different text in the header on different pages?

  • DavidM

    Hi Catrina,

    WordPress actually handles these types of things via template files within your theme as detailed here:

    MarketPress follows suit and uses a number of such templates, (like mp_product.php to display single products) to display various store pages.

    You can customize those as per the instructions in the theme folder at marketpress-includes/themes/Themeing_MarketPress.txt.

    In that file you'll see the following referenced:

    Product Category List Page

    And basically, by creating a copy of your theme's category.php file and renaming it mp_category.php, for instance, would create a MarketPress category template file that you could then customize for categories. Or you could create multiple copies of that, naming them per your categories, such as mp_category_plants.php for instance, then customize those individually.

    It does take some degree of coding in HTML/PHP to customize those pages, so if you're not quite comfortable with that you may want to seek a developer's assistance, perhaps through the job board.

    Hope that helps!


  • Catrina

    I understand the hierarchy and all of the categories were working correctly, they were jsut missing their titles in the content area.
    I don't know how I did it, but it seems to be fixed. I made some css changes as directed in another post about image padding and putting the title above the feature image. I also added and removed a tag line, I'm having trouble with the tag line too, but that will be a different subject.

    I can live with only titles however I was hoping for a text box where instructions specific to that category could be entered.

    For example: custom grown heirloom vegetable seedlings - customer orders the number of seedlings using the shopping cart but they need to be able to pick from a list of hundreds of different varieties which varieties they want and how many of each (they are all the same price so item variations are not needed just text instructions). They will also need to specify a desired delivery date. The information could be sent to use via e-mail or a form (yet to be decided), but I need to give them instructions on the category page.

    The only text box I can find is on the messages tab and with that the same message is given for every category.

  • Grafics

    You may have already resolved this, but thought I'd post my solution for others that might find it useful.
    I'm using the category descriptions to achieve something similar.
    Putting <?php echo category_description(); ?> in my mp_category file and then adding the text needed to the Product category description. Also makes it easy to edit as needed in the future.

    Thanks for the custom fields link as well - was able to solve a different issue with that.


  • Catrina

    Okay sometimes I have to read things a few times before I get them.

    First, I'm not sure if I know where this .txt file is, I'd like to read that includes/themes/Themeing_MarketPress.txt.

    Second, I don't understand what's going on with the titles. The titles for the product categories came back and I don't think I changed anything, but now headings on this page are not showing up. I can't figure it out. There is an h1 heading for each of the plant types daylily/hosta/iris/etc. Both the html view and the visual view show that they are there and after numerous redos and retrys they just don't show up for some reason. I had a link that brought the reader from the top of the page to the products that have since removed. I don't know if this had anything to do with it. Unusual though because it was working at first and then these headings disapeared.???


  • Catrina

    Actually a number of different things were brought up here. I'm sorry I know we like to keep it one per post.

    First of all the origional problem for the post. Titles disapearing - I don't know, but this has happened to me 3 times now, I'm not sure if it's a bug or something that I'm doing. Titles disapear in a post, I mess around in the editor trying to fix them, have no luck, go to bed, restart the computer in the morning and titles are back??? I don't know, but that problem is fixed.

    I'm sending points to grafics because he helped me solve the problem of adding text to category pages through using the discription box in the control panel. This may not be the ideal solution due to SEO issues with having a large amount of text in the discription, but we will have to take solutions as they come.

    I figured out where all my files are and I found the .txt file that David recomended above and read it. That was very helpful thank you. Ya, I'd love to hire a developer, but since I have no $ I'm doin it myself. I sure appreciate that folks should get paid for what they do but when you don't have it you can't spend it. I'm learning and that's good. I actually had a few people ask me to design a website for had to decline as I have no time with trying to get the business going and I wouldn't want to take their money when I really don't know what I'm doing.

    I still have the problem of needing custom fields, but that's a different topic so you can close this one and thans for all your help!

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