Product details not displaying

On a new install, I am running Multi-site ( and have Marketpress installed. Both were install in the past couple days and no updates show so should be current. I am running
FrameMarket on the parent site and GridMarket on the child site.

Problem #1 = while I could get child products to appear on the global site, I was getting a "not found" when clicking on them. I noticed that the presentation URL at the store level was set to /store/ but not at the global level. When I removed the /store/ I was able to access the product page. So this may or may not be resolved and I am not sure it was the way to go. Looking for input on that.

Problem #2 - I cannot get to the product details or get any events to occur (like Buy Now or Image View).

Please advise.

main site:
child site:

Thank you for the help for a newbie! :slight_smile: