Product images in MarketPress - issue ...

Hi. I created the uplaod .csv file for MarketPress, and used FTP to put the product images in the desired location. It worked (great!) ... and each product had an image.

BUT I needed to change all the product descriptions so I deleted the products (and emptied trash too), edited the .csv file, and tried again ... all worked EXCEPT it didn't generate product images. So I deleted the products etc as before, AND deleted all the images which WordPress had generated in /uploads/09, then tried again. Once more it did not generate the product images.

So I did all the above again, AND this time carefully edited the mySQL database for reference to the previously created products in <post> and <postmeta> and tried again. Still no product images generated.

So I did all of the above and have contacted you guys :- )

I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious!

Suggestions welcome ...