Product Page customized layout

Screenshots below show the product page for a single item with suggestions (how we’d like it to look), which most of that is fine but the big thing is getting the product description, pricing, add to cart, etc on the SIDE of the image, not below it – additionally, not sure what we did when establishing the MP_PRODUCT.PHP page but now the social media icons do not show up, any thoughts on this?

What access would you need, if any? We appreciate any help on this, we’re already behind on launching and would to get this taken care of ASAP – if possible, please don’t just point us somewhere and advise “this will help”, because so far that hasn’t helped! Need some additional assistance on this, we’re not PHP experts here but really would like to learn what we’re doing instead of just changing a few lines of code.

Additionally, can you answer a couple quick questions in this thread:

1) By adding an MP_PRODUCTS.PHP page, will that override settings in the store settings area of the network admin page, seems not everything is working as it was before, since adding the new page.

2) The documentation here ( where it advises To Get Started, can that be provided to new shop owners to help them setup, i.e. by copy/paste into a page for them or can we link ack to that page?

Thank you in advance…