Product Page not displaying all products

A few issues…

1. I can’t figure out why MP is only showing my latest item on the categories page for each of our lines. I’ve only added three products (to our RA Signature Candles) subcategory of “Candles”, but when you go to the specific RA Signature Candles page, there is only one product (the latest one added).

Can anyone help me figure this out?

2. The “products page” which is located under my “ShopRA” tab is only showing my header image and none of the products. Why is this page pulling a non-product image? And why when I click on the “read more” just it just stay on that page. I can’t figure out where and why it’s pulling this image.

3. Also, I want to format the sub category pages of each line so that they are displayed in a grid with the title, image, and price. I’ve added a style sheet so it appears in the dropdown in the store settings, but I am not sure how to approach the css to make this grid happen. Would this plugin be a good start?

This is my first WP site and my first foray into e-commerce to bare with me as we proceed as this feels a little foreign to me at times! :wink:

Thanks a ton!