Product Pages do not Display unless I disable Ultimate Facebook

I am using MarketPress eCommerce with Ultimate Facebook and it appears that UF is somehow overriding my product description pages. If you enable UF on my site and then attempt to view a product, you will see that the custom post-type info (i.e., the product description) fails to populate the product description page.

I simply abandoned Ultimate Facebook because of this error, but more recently I have been customizing my OpenGraph settings and find that there is a rogue metatag that is causing an invalid URL to be set as my og:image, thus damaging my ability to use facebook to promote the site. Ideally, as is advertised with UF, I would the product pages to display the featured image as their opengraph image and the homepage to display a valid image as well.

So, in totality there are two issues: 1) UF causes MarketPress product posts to vanish and 2) I have an opengraph tag that I have no control over, feeding FB a broken URL. I would like to resolve both of these issues, especially the former since it will likely allow me to fix the latter.

Thank you,