Product theme - logo works only in firefox

Hello, I'm using the Product theme which is just awesome, the best so far. The one issue I am noticing when checking in Chrome and Explorer, the logo doesn't show up, only in firefox. I've selected under the theme options/branding to use a custom large image and have uploaded the image to my media files. It looks perfect in firefox, but not the other two. What is there instead is the large letters of the site name and a box with a little red x where the image should be overlapping the letters. How do I remedy this?

The site is:


  • Tammie

    @clarifydesigns; Glad you like the theme and hopefully we can get this resolved for you. Just a thought as I tried this and it works fine on chrome on the mac - have you tried with a non gif image as in a jpg. I think IE / chrome on the pc are having issues with your gif. I am not 100% sure about this but want to confirm if that solves it or not before delving deeper. Could you also maybe confirm your settings are as my screen shot attached.

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