MarketPress: products and posts not working together!


I have created a multisite with subdirectories and I have installed Marketpress network wide. Together with the store in each independent site, I want to have a blog for normal posts. I have created a new page and have defined that page as Posts page in the Reading settings.

Well..., if I try to view this page, I get the products! not the posts! I have tried with FrameMarket, GridMarket, Product theme and have exactly the same behaviour.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a serious thing missing either from marketpress or the themes?

I am getting a bit confused here with Marketpress. From one hand, I am using it with other themes, like and I cannot see the products. From the other hand, I am using it with the WPMU themes and I cannot see the posts!

I am coming from WP e-commerce, where I didn't have any similar issues.

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    Hi and thanks for using WPMUdev forums :slight_smile:

    Marketpress uses custom post types to create the products, so each product is actually a post. If you set a Post page in Framemarket or Gridmarket you will see Products as those themes are designed specifically for Marketpress.

    I did a quick test and was able to show a Posts page and Store Page separately in another theme. So, if you want to have a store AND blog on your site you will need to use another theme. Simplemarket, Framemarket and Gridmarket are all made for using the Custom Post Type that Marketpress puts out.

    We've got plenty to choose from so I'm sure you'll be fine :slight_smile:



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    Not happy with that!

    I started using my all-time theme that worked with all other e-commerce plugins that I have tried, the With Marketpress, no products were displayed at all. And it was not only my theme (e.g. )

    I switched to the three specific WPMU themes targeted for Markepress. Products are displayed but no posts are displayed.

    Your marketing states that the use of custom post types in Marketpress instead of custom tables (as wp e-commerce for example) is far superior. I am not an advanced programmer, but up to now this think only makes things more difficult. No customisation is easy at all(e.g. ).

    I would love to stay with marketpress and you, but the plugin and you do not help me on that!

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    I went into a test install, activated the Framemarket theme.

    Created a menu with the page 'Store' Title that is also set as my posts page
    and with a page "Uncategorized" selected from my post categories.

    This is now displayed on my Navigation and when clicked 'Store' shows my products and 'Uncategorized' lists my posts (as I've no categories on the test site, this could easily be changed using categories to list your blog posts.)

    You can very easily display Posts and Products in your theme, or any theme, however the Product Posts are still custom Post Types and will be displayed as such.

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