MarketPress: products and posts not working together!


I have created a multisite with subdirectories and I have installed Marketpress network wide. Together with the store in each independent site, I want to have a blog for normal posts. I have created a new page and have defined that page as Posts page in the Reading settings.

Well..., if I try to view this page, I get the products! not the posts! I have tried with FrameMarket, GridMarket, Product theme and have exactly the same behaviour.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a serious thing missing either from marketpress or the themes?

I am getting a bit confused here with Marketpress. From one hand, I am using it with other themes, like and I cannot see the products. From the other hand, I am using it with the WPMU themes and I cannot see the posts!

I am coming from WP e-commerce, where I didn't have any similar issues.