Products change display format when using the ORDER BY options

Just started working on GRIDMARKET and have found what I think is a very basic error.

When I open the supplied store page the products display with the Product Title at the top, photo, price and Add to cart or Choose from list, this is all ok and I’m happy with this.
If I hover the mouse over any product nothing happens, all good.
Order by is set to Default.

If I change the “Order by” to any other value, like NAME the whole product layout changes,
Product Titles go to the bottom, Prices and Add to cart disappear, photo sizes change get smaller.
Now if you hover over the product photo it displays the description below the photo, and then the price and Add to Cart or Choose Option.
This could be handy but on the bottom couple of rows this has no use as it cannot be viewed as it hides behind the footer, meaning that the user cannot buy as the price and add to cart buttons are not displayed.

Going back to Order by Default, does not correct this and you need to exit and reopen the store page.

My preference is to have the page stay with products as first listed i.e. Title on top and no description when hovering.