Products not saving to shopping cart when using

I am trying to make a custom product page (mp_product.php) and I am using the following code (part of it I pulled from the template-functions.php file) and it is not saving the products when I add it to the shopping cart.

<?php get_header(); ?>

<?php echo mp_product_title(); ?>
<?php echo mp_product_description(); ?>
<?php echo mp_product_meta(); ?>
<?php echo mp_product_image(); ?>
<?php echo mp_category_list(); ?>	

<?php get_footer(); ?>

When I do not put the mp_product.php in my theme the virtual product page works fine, but I can't edit that and put the information I want. I also tried this with Twenty Twelve and deactivated all other plugins and it has the same works with the virtual product page fine, but when mp_product.php is in its theme it doesn't save the products into the shopping cart. From what I can see in the Themeing_MarketPress.txt file it looks like mp_product.php should be the only file I need in the theme. I have the file placed in the first level of my theme folder. It appears to be picking up the file, just not saving the product into the shopping cart when I add it.