Products not showing in Store or Browse Products, etc.

I'm building a MarketPress multisite. I used the "Etsy-style" walkthrough that was very helpful.

I have a main site that doesn't have any products of it's own. I will have 3 subsites that are for different vendors' products that I want to appear in a global store and checkout.

I'm having a hard time getting the products to show up in the typical "Product" areas. I've been testing a lot of different scenarios.

The Store, Browse Products, Search, etc. are not showing any products. I used the Store Settings > Presentation to set it up and it automatically generated a Page called "Store" that had existing text and shortcodes for displaying products. None of the content on that Page "Store" is showing when looking at the Page live.

I did set up a test page called "All Products" and put in a shortcode [mp_list_global_products] - which worked. But all of the other pages associated with Store are important for the e-commerce, so I want to use that structure.

Here is the site: