Professional Opinion on what I'm planning... e.g. Does it all make sense?

Hello to one and all, and thank you for having a look. I invite anyone to respond, and all ideas are valid. (please keep in mind that I'm bootstrapping this out of my own, threadbare, pockets :~)

My objective:
:|: A special-interest membership website that is FREE, but invite only.

:|: Different levels|roles within the site to reflect level of activity, experience, and community trust, including moderators etc... Again, all free.

:|: Members will be able to -

-:expressionless::- Post Articles
-:expressionless::- Upload Images|Videos|Links to gallery
-:expressionless::- Interact in the forum
-:expressionless::- Vote up images, videos, posts, etc...
-:expressionless::- Make friends, follow each other, chat, etc...
-:expressionless::- See who else lives in their area (prefer region|city level over street level - for member safety)
-:expressionless::- Create their own events & Meetups

:|: The website will be ad funded - with ads corresponding specifically to members interests and location - Probably achieve via geo tagging and categories (???)

My challenge is to use the most appropriate tools to achieve all this, while not including anything unnecessary.

What I'm working with so far.

- Thesis 2
- BuddyPress 1.7
- bbPress 2.3
- Gravity Forms
- Plethora of WPMUdev Tools:

-:- Membership Premium
-:- Events +
-:- Members Directory
-:- Q&A
-:- Post Voting
-:- Google Maps

- Theme My Login
- Achievements
- NextGen Galleries
- ET Shortcodes
- Flare
- Invite Anyone
- RDFa Breadcrumb
- SlideDeck 2 Personal

Is this list too long? Would something else work better than something listed? Should I add something more?

I'm just looking for opinions on what plugins would work smoothly together, while fulfilling all requirements and providing the smoothest|best user Membership experience...

Huge, HUGE thanks,