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So I'm a current Elite member (jamesmedia), and though we haven't utilized WPMU's resources much yet, we plan to start soon.

For background, I purchased my membership because of the stellar deal you guys ran.

Here's my question: James Media is an agency...even though we hate that word, we are in the business of helping our clients with their digital media needs, and WordPress is our weapon of choice.

So what I'm looking for is, what are our rights and responsibilities, as professionals who charge for our services?

Just so you know, I'm already under the ethical assumption that we cannot:

- Resell WPMU's plugins and themes as our own original work.

- Significantly modify WPMU's resources and then consider them original work.

We wouldn't want to do these things anyway. However, we would like to know whether we're in our right to:

- Utilize WPMU's plugins and themes for our clients, without incurring additional costs or violating intellectual property rights.

- Modify WPMU's resources to accommodate our clients' needs, as long as the software is still released to our clients under the same open-source license.

I apologize ahead of time if these questions are easily found in your existing documentation; I'm somewhat of a dolt, when it comes to finding such things.

Thank you for your help!

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    All visual branding can be rebranded. Like footers in themes, notices in the admin, etc, etc.

    You can use our plugins for any number of clients, friend or family. No restrictions regardless of which membership you have.

    There are restrictions on our API use, so like videos has a limit of 20 APIs aka domains. You could install it on a multisite and have thousands of websites, that's just one domain name aka 1 API.

    The code is open source, the credits must remain intact but you can code, recode, add or take away as you please (just don't remove the coded credits which no one sees anyway unless they open the code up). It's open source and GPL.

    We have members here whom never let their customers know that the plugins and themes are from us and that's fine also.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.

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