Profile Field Setup, preapproval b4 signup


I would like to be able to review new registrants and then add them manually.

If I use the "Profile Field Setup" to add fields to the signup form, will these values be emailed to me so that I can use this info to validate a user b4 I register them?

Oh, yeah, one more question, does Supporter allow me to require a signup code like I can with PayToPlog or do I need to have both installed?

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  • Ken

    Supporter allow me to require a signup code

    Nope. Supporter does not support the signup codes. However, there's a plugin called "Signup Code" which does just that.

    or do I need to have both installed?

    What exactly are you trying to do?

    If you want to charge users for extra premium privileges, then Supporter would be fine and if you want ALL users to pay for creating their blog, Pay to Blog is great.

    The difference is that in Supporter, the user pays for extra privileges like Premium themes, plugins, support, etc. while the other users use the service for free with no additional features, but in Pay to blog, every single user has to pay.

    If you're installing Supporter, you do not need to install Pay to Blog and vice versa. Install just one plugin of your choice, not both of them.


  • tishimself


    Thanks for your comments. So what am I trying to do...

    1. At some point I will be sending out emails to solicite new registrants. They will get a signup code so that I can offer them a special introductory rate for say 30 days after which the signup code and rate will be eliminated. PayToBlog and SignupCode seem to handle this.

    2. I also need to maually screen new registrants for a valid a state license b4 they are provided with a blog. I need to collect the info on the signup form that will allow me to validate their license. This could be done by emailing me the information or by simply notifying me of a new registration whose profile contains the information I need to perform the validation. Once manually validated the blog is created, they are notified, and billed ( Tho I might delay billing for a 30 day trial. I'm undecided). It seems that the Moderate-new-blogs may work for this, but it unclear how it handles billing.

    Initially, I've installed PayToBlog & SignupCode for testing. I'm considering the notion of permitting people to have a free basic blog w/o my support and charge for support, better theme selection and plugins. I may not go this way because I wish to encourage registrants to have quality blogs and it may just be too complicated for non-tech savy members.

    Kind Regards,

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