Profile fields for certain group members

Hi there,

I have a small question, and it looks to me that it's not that difficult to do, but I have no starting point :slight_smile:
Anyway, what I want to acchieve is:

I have different profile field groups, and I would like to show certain profile field only to specific users. Let's say I have photographers as a member, and they need to see the profile fields where I ask which camera they use, but they might be graphic designer as well, so I want to show them the profile fields where I ask about the software knowledge for graphic designers as well.
An other member could be only a photographer, and I want him to hide all the graphic design questions...

I was thinking of doing this by letting them choose their profession at signup, and with group-o-matic make them a member of the groups of their profession.
Later in the profile, I was thinking of letting buddypress check which groups they are member of (and by this knowing their professions) and let buddypress show them only those profile field groups that belong to their profession.

Sorry for the difficult explanation. I don't know very well how to ask best :slight_smile: