Profile fields in Membership + MarketPress


I run both Membership and MarketPress.

When I go to the /account/ page created by Membership it says “Edit your details” and I can only edit First Name, Last Name, Nickname, .. Email, Website and Password but …

the MarketPress plugin adds 2 profile fields categories “Billing Info” and “Shipping Info” that the user can edit in the DASHBOARD profile editor.

Can I edit that somehow to add the 2 categories into the /account/ page for people to edit so that the can stay outside the Dashboard at all times?

I tried theme my login but it keeps the “Personal Options” on top.

My dashboard profile edit page has now 6 field categories, with the category title marked with <h3> tags and the fields from each category in tables.

Is there any way to add these categories to some form of tabbed content or something?

If I can do that I can delete the /account/ page.

I hope this makes sense.

Best regards,