Profile page, staff list, user photos, author linked to profile

Sorry for the massive group of stuff in the subject but everything seems to run together for what I am looking to do and so far, I haven't found the right combination of plug ins to get this done.

I am using WPMU current version -

It is a newspaper site and what I am trying to accomplish is the following :
Have the authors name under the post be linked to a profile page. I thought that is what it normally did but it seems to go to a list of their posts.

The rest of what I am trying to do is actually have a profile page which would give there BIO, contact info, social links and of course a photo. The same photo that I would like to have shown with their posts.

The theme I am using does not support buddypress and if I don't have to go there I don't want to.

I thought the member directory plug in said it had extended profiles with avatars but I can't find any settings for that anywhere. So, I also installed the avatars plug in which is nice but that doesn't show up on the posts from what I see.

It does give me a list of all members but not the ability to group them together such as - Editor, Reporters, Contributors, etc.. That may be a custom page anyway and I understand that. Just need a way to compile that info then create the page.

My question really is this,
1. is there a plug in that would do all or part of what I want out there that I haven't found?
2.. Or will I need a combination of plug ins to make this all work out?

I am open to any and all suggestions and advice.
I appreciate your help. Thanks.