profile picture you upload on buddpress is not used

it's probably related but maybe a more common problem that you already have dealt with in the past:
I have a buddpress setup on one subsite and I am using "Multi-Domains for Multisite" so you only need to log in once. Basic problem: Buddypress on one subsite and the Blog on the main subsite currently. But the profile picture you upload on Buddypress is not used as profile photo on the blog site.

  • Peter

    Hi Panos,

    Buddpress is not active on the main site of this multisite install. Don't know how much access you have through your support door. But if you go to the second subsite you should be able to see Buddypress there.

    I got some feeback from Patrick yesterday for another problem that a plugin is causing with the menu. It looks like I should be able to solve that issue by enabling BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG for Buddypress. And if I understand the idea behind this correctly, then moving Buddypress to the main site should solve the problem regarding Buddypress profile pictures too, because then every subsite and their users should have access to all Buddpress data.
    Does that make sense?


  • Peter

    Hi Panos,

    got side tracked and then on vacation :slight_smile:

    I solved the issue. I've had so many issues developing this site with conflicting plugins. It's been insane. So I got totally paranoid and tired splitting up the site into multisite just so I would not activate any more plugins than were really needed per (sub)site. Unfortunately I used Buddypress on the subsite rather than on the main site. Assuming Buddypress would behave like any other plugin. Which of course if wrong which I learned the hard way.

    Restructured and moved Buddypress to main site and now it's working fine as expected in the avatar department. But unexpectedly as a multisite wide installation. Oh well, first time messing with Buddypress. I would have expected Buddypress to run as a separate instance on each subsite. Little did I know :slight_smile:


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