Profile Set up for different Member types in Buddypress extended profiles

I noticed that the “Primary” extended profile is where new members are taken to fill out, however, I have the need for two different types of members.

I have Consumers, and I have Businesses that will need to Join my website.

Businesses will need to register their actual business name, and upload a gravatar of their business, instead of a human name and human face.

I thought that creating a second Field Group was the way to achieve this, but it’s not. Everybody signing up for the website is taken to the “Primary” Group Fields for registration.

Well, I have Membership plugin installed and before anyone gets to the registration page, they choose to join as a Consumer or a Business from my Membership plugin signup page, then both redirects them to the Buddypress extended profile registration Primary.

Is there anyway to have separate signup fields for Businesses vs Consumers?

Here’s mine starting out at the Membership plugin signup page.