Profile/Settings NOT updating for some blogs of same user.


We are using WPMU 2.9.2 and uses multi-db.

Just came cross a weird issue today, which was reported by a user of ours.

Profile/Settings page of some(I mean it, just some) blogs do NOT get updated, where as the other blogs of the same user has no issues, i.e I go to Dashboard > My Blogs and select the Dashboard of a different blog of the same user, while I'm logged in.
Explanation with an example:
1. Suppose I'm user21 and I have created blog1, blog2, blog3 & blog4.
2. I login and go to Profile/Settings page of blog1 or blog2 ... and update these pages, it works.
3. While logged in, I again go to Profile/Settings page of blog3 or blog4 ... and try update the pages, it does NOT work.

Again, was trying to update the Profile/Settings page of main admin(only one/main blog exists) and the issue above seems to be here too.

The error message we get:-
a) For settings page: Are you sure you want to do this?
Please try again.
b) For profiles page: Your attempt to edit this user: “admin” has failed. (admin or any other username from the blog they have issue. )

We came across this issue when we tried to update the UA-XXXXX-1 code of Google Analytics on the page(Settings > Google Analytics) for the same when using the premium plugin "Google Analytics for WordPress MU - Sitewide AND single blog solution!" .... the GA code does NOT get saved for blog3 or blog4, but gets saved for blog1 or blog2.

We have NOT made any notable changes in the recent past for this to happen now.

Also, noticed the following issue...
While, going to the plugins page of all blogs(1-4), the have all the same plugins active, except the blogs that have issue(here, they are blog3 or blog4) does NOT show them as active in the list, they seem to be inactive but they are active, I say its active because, they produce the required normal output on the display(non-backend) pages of the blog.

Tests done: Tried to print out the variables $user_id and $current_user->ID on the profile page(user-edit.php), and they were the same.

Has anyone come across this issue and does anyone have a solution or idea what would be(or have gone) wrong?

Thanks & Regards