Project management themes, plugins, or suggestions?

I've been looking for a good project management portal I can give subcontractors access to that makes sense. I found a plug in :
But hope there's a better solution out there.

I also looked at trello, bitrix24, smartsheet and wrike.

Anyone have experience they can give guidance?

- dave

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Dave!

    Ultimately, it's going to depend on the features you want and need for your project. I'm not familiar with WP Project Management, so I can't speak to how well it performs.

    I just discovered Todoist, which is pretty handy and allows collaboration/shared tasks with the pro version. It's pretty basic, so if you're needing something like Gantt charts or time estimate tracking, it's not going to fit the bill, but if you're handling small projects, it's pretty simple to use.

    If you're looking for some hardcore options, we use Asana as a ticket/project tracker, and I've worked with a few other platforms, as well. (Assembla, BootCamp (that's an older one), Trello, one really fun one based on RPGs and gamification, and the free one they used to package with most cheap web hosts.) I know a lot of companies are using Jira, but the devs I know are mixed on it.

    If you were feeling really creative, you might be able to create a custom post type to serve as your project management system. With a few custom fields/taxonomies, it could be really effective for simple PM tasks. You could code in some custom post statuses, as well, if you want something completely integrated.

    Hope this at least gets you started, happy to offer more solutions if you need them.

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