Project Management Theme/Templates & Plugins???

I’m noticing a huge hole in the wordpress world… either it’s because I’m just not in the right ‘loop’?

For the life of me – I can’t find any serious project management hosting providers which uses WordPress.

Is there such a beast? I would think it very profitable in theory – that someone could log in to my site and see the following option: “Click here to Build A Sporting League, Theatre Company, None Profit Club, Charity or …. whatever” – – – basically creating a theme which could have specific plugin needs around a similar idea. All pre selected to match the project based on thematic/genre/industry/society – with facebook integration for Athlete Profiles, fan pages, facebook apps… and mobile/smartphone/tablet integration – so managing a sporting tournament becomes a simple breeze. Electing your board of directors – done by login and secure polling. Even support polling stations for that matter… This is what I’m trying to create. This is what I’d like to see if there is any interest in. Eventually – one might imagine that an entire city could be hosted by wordpress. Joining a club becomes a matter of clicking a request within a facebook app.

I dont know if this sparks any interest – but I’ve been working on the concept for nealy 20 years… I’m ready to build it – but I so very much need seriously interested individuals to be on-board. I’m not a programmer – I’m a visionary. I have a city of 80,000 people – in Canada. I own the domain names necessary to deploy it over any number of towns within a few miles of where I live. I have 2 virtual private servers already set up and deploying wordpress. ALL I NEED is the team to build it and help me out…. I”m not greedy – if it makes money – I’ll share it. I’m not an idiot, but I’m only one person – … is ANYONE interested in this scope of a project? (done in bite sized chunks obviously) I also own a number of domains intended for use with the exact same concept but specific only to sports (both professional and minor sports) Creating teams, leagues – fund raisers, tournaments — all managed from our hosted project management servers (wordpress)…. *sigh* – ok I put it out there. If you have something positive to add – I’ll make it an actual “PROJECT” — but for now – just hoping for a few people to see the potential. (I’ll ignore ALL negative comments, so keep them to yourself if you have any.)

:o) Cheers!