Project recommendations


I have a project idea that would involve using WordPress Multisite along with various WPMU DEV plugins.

Basically, I'm looking to offer a turn key web solution to a specific market.

I would like to have customers be able to sign up for their site, and then be able to choose from certain pre-made themes and also plugins to provide them with the functionality they need.

I'm also interested in utilizing domain mapping services as well.

I would also potentially like to setup certain areas of their sites that I could "push out" content to. For example: different marketing programs at different times of the year.

I'm estimating at first to start with 20-30 customers. Ultimately probably not more that 100 total.

I've identified a number of WPMU Dev plugins that would make this project possible, however I'm wondering about hosting.

Based on the details above, can anyone recommend a good host/hosting level that would work for this?